Longer is ALWAYS better.

8', 9.5', and 11' aluminum ramps for loading an ATV, UTV or golf cart.
Lightweight and heavy duty ramps that make loading SAFE.
aluminum ramps.
With an individual ramp weighing only 29 lbs (8ʼ) to 36 lbs (11ʼ), Long Ramps are easy to carry, fold/unfold, and set up due to their aluminum construction.
Man putting golf cart ramps into his truck
SAFE ramps give you peace of mind.
RZR on low-incline ATV ramps
LOW INCLINE. A long ramp is a safe ramp since the incline is spread out, which lets you make a slower ascent. Long Ramps are available in 3 lengths (8ʼ, 9.5ʼ, and 11ʼ) and come in handy especially when loading info lifted trucks.
Sidewalls on ATV ramps
SIDE WALLS. Peace of mind is knowing that your wheels wonʼt leave your ramp, so you can focus on driving instead of sliding off.  All Long Ramps have 3” side walls, made from high strength aluminum angle, which keep your tires inside the ramp when loading.
Kickstop on ATV ramps
KICK STOPS. When loading with Long Ramps, you can feel safe knowing your golf cart or ATV ramps wonʼt slide forward, but will stay right where you want them.
heavy duty ramps.
Made from 6061 grade aluminum, Long Ramps are strong and durable.  Hand-crafted and welded to precision to ensure the highest quality since 2003.
Heavy-duty hinge of an ATV rampMan welding ATV ramps

What are you loading?

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